If Jack White Were Hood


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do ya think jack be actually smokin on dat sticky icky thump or it is possibly rolled tobacco in various forms?


what he do to get his oral fixation on be his bidness

I want to color my hair. What would be the best color for me?


you’re a pac man wit sunglasses on. 


why do they STILL call it mtv?


what TAG should i do next?



seeing jdubs in a kilt makes me so happyyyyyyyy... he's pretty good lookin for a girl


mmmmmmmmmm yes look how sexy

I love you but I also hate you for being so perfect.


can’t handle all dis huh, anon?

stop deleting your posts badass


whadda ya gonna do, put me in tumblr jail?

tell me a joke?? ^-^


Two men walk into da bar. The third man ducks.

What do you got that I ain’t got?That’s what I wanna knowCan I get a piece of it?A piece before you go?Well, give it up, yeahYeah, shove it right down my throat

What do you got that I ain’t got?
That’s what I wanna know
Can I get a piece of it?
A piece before you go?
Well, give it up, yeah
Yeah, shove it right down my throat