If Jack White Were Hood



Everyone was so exhausted from the show

Literally every person’s conversation I heard after the show was “You wanna do something now?”
“I’m exhausted I’m going home”

i still can’t even function yo. my mind and body is blown, and i ain’t even sparked da blunt. i gots dat jdubs experience hangover.


Haha awww. 


dis show was so fuckin’ intense. best night I’ve had in a long ass time. Thanks JDubs n’ crew. 

Chi-town can’t even handle me right now

Finna kick it downtown today…and rock da fuck out to some JDubs tonight y’all! ‘Bout to be on & poppin’! So…


u can’t handle the fab x

I giggled like a fucking lunatic i; m

The show is tomorrow! Are you so excited?


i popped 3 xanax and still can’t sleep

So I’m just in da kitchen makin’ some grub and bumpin’ dis. At 52:15 I lost my shit laughin’.

i wanna see the d


is it big enough fo’ ya

i know u'r a parody blog, but why do u degrade Jack White so much?


What is your opinion on the vescovo & co show?


whadda ya mean show? dat shit was legit. tell me JDubs ain’t crazy and you be a liar.